Reusable, Beautiful, And Oh So GlazyLash

The BFFs you never knew your eyes needed. With their reusable magic, they're environmentally friendly and keep your lashes on fleek without breaking the bank.

So go ahead, let your eyes do all the talking!

Unwrap The Perfect Gifts

Let It Glow Confidence

Whether you're sitting pretty by the pool or caught in a rainstorm of compliments, this superpower pout armor stays put, keeping you effortlessly chic and fierce.

So pucker up and let your lips make a splash that even mermaids would envy!


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Our Community Love

I can't express enough how much I love GlazyBoo! It's quickly become my go to for everything. I can always find just what I'm looking for to give my that extra boost of confidence. <3
— Linda Tassell, CA
I love my lashes and want to scream it out LOUD! These lashes are so pretty and fit me perfectly. I just want to spread the word how amazing they are! I love these lashes!!
— Tiffany Wells, NV
As someone who loves experimenting with different looks, I was really please with the awesome selection of styles. It really exceeded my expectations and arrived just in time for my birthday.
— Kristen Baker, WY
I truly feel empowered when I wear these lipsticks. I never tried something like this. It's creamy and moisturizes yet looks so matte and keeps the color even the next day! Simply in love🥰
— Angela Taguilas, FL
GlazyBoo really is a lifesaver. I got the perfect lashes for my daughter's wedding. They even stayed on through the tears and laughter, so happy for these
— Gabrielly Fletcher, MO
I’m dying to try more lashes & the stay put liquid lippys !!!! I just placed another order and so excited to receive it !
— Emily Carey, MA
I'm thrilled to have discovered this gem! I had a few questions about specific products, and their support team helped me so fast. Their genuine compassion made it all the more enjoyable shopping here
— Michelle Wilson, IL
The GlazyBoo nail kit is fire. Love them works like a charm. I have recommended them to all my friends and family. I even bought it for my daughter for xmas holiday. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.
— Leticia Jones, TX